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NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor

Looking for the best way to jump into the NRA Instructor Training Program? The easiest and yet most comprehensive discipline is the Home Firearm Safety Instructor course. Easiest in that it isn't a shooting discipline. Most comprehensive because it covers handguns, rifles AND shotguns, including a small section on black powder firearms. All of them are covered in a very general way, giving you the skills to teach people how to safety unload and secure them in their homes.

Even more importantly, this course offer parents the Eddie Eagle Children's Gun Safety program. The Eddie Eagle program is proven effective making young children understand and appreciate what to do if they discover a firearm.

Once you become an instructor, you can offer the Home Firearm Safety course for any civic organization, workplace safety program. It's perfect for your local Neighborhood Watch program. It's a "win-friends" designed to make people feel at ease with firearms, and YOU the NRA Certified Firearms Instructor. And it can become a strong advertising tool to get people to come back and enroll in your shooting disciplines, if you choose to continue in obtaining additional Instructor Certifications.

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