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Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons Course

The Non-Resident Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) gun permit allows for concealed carry in 30+ States. This course will cover basic firearm safety, and Federal & State firearms regulations pertaining to concealed carry. Please note that this course is NOT for concealed carry in California. This course is designed for those with shooting experience. There is NO live-fire training – it is classroom only. This class fulfills the safety course required by the Arizona Department of Public Safety – students must be a U.S. citizen OR an Arizona resident to apply. Application packet will be distributed in class.

Cost of class is $80. (When applying for permit, there will be an additional application fee payable to AZ DPS $60 and completion of fingerprint cards approx. $20)


Instructor Cheryl Tokle

Contact: Cheryl Tokle
(310) 748-5251



Register online by clicking HERE


Or  you can book the class with your credit card HERE.