Women Self-Defense

Unarmed Courses

Among the course offerings in unarmed self defense is the NRA Refuse To Be A Victim seminar. The AllSafe StreetSMART training program offers practical street defense including punching, kicking, grappling, take-downs and throws, and carefully monitored contact sparring. Advanced levels will practice using and defending against weapons including clubs, knives, and firearms (disarms and weapon retention drills). The For WOMEN ONLY Self Defense course is three sessions including physical self defense, introduction to handgun defense, and preparing your self defense safety plan.

Course Fees: Refuse to be a Victim $40  –  StreetSMART $20  –  For WOMEN ONLY $100

NRA Refuse To Be A Victim

The RTBAV course is very comprehensive. We start by discussing mental preparedness which covers awareness, mental conditioning, and learning the emotional ramifications and outcomes of criminal confrontation. Then we explore what I call “hardening the target.” We learn about the various methods of securing your dwelling and yourself while on the street and in your car. We’ll also discuss technological security which deals with the latest “identity theft” problems. We’ll conclude with exploring the various kinds of physical self defense training and personal protection devices.

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Range Emergency Care Course

The Range Emergency Care Course is a three hour course, designed for those who enjoy activities in the outdoors or in locations where emergency medical services may be delayed in response or absent altogether. The course focuses on proper assessment and treatment of potentially life threatening injuries, including gunshot wounds, fractured bones and penetrating injuries to the chest, among others. Use of tourniquets, hemostatic agents and standard dressings/bandages are also covered.

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AllSafe StreetSMART

AllSafe StreetSMART stands for “Simple Martial Arts Reality Training” which really captures the theme and purpose of this course. For men and women of all shapes and sizes, this is an on-going practical self defense course. It is a physically challenging program that starts with basic street awareness, then progresses into simple punches, kicks, grappling holds and releases, into rigorous physical conditioning, concluding with full-contact sparring and weapons training. This is NOT a ritual martial art with belt rankings, forms training, and tournament competitions! New students may join at any time. Classes are small and all training is individual. Replace your fear with reality-based self confidence.

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For WOMEN ONLY Self Defense

For more info on this course contact Carla Young or visit www.ImpactPersonalSafety.com.


NRA Eddie Eagle Children’s Gun Safety Class

This class is designed to teach kids what to do if they discover a gun. Interactive, with games, coloring books, appealing to grades K-6th. Adults will discuss methods of securing firearms safely. One parent must accompany each child.

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