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Women Self-Defense

AllSafe StreetSMART

For mature youths and physically fit adults only, this is practical self defense training at its most effective. This is a physically challenging course that starts with basic street awareness, then progresses into simple punches, kicks, grappling holds and releases, into rigorous physical conditioning, concluding with the AllSafe StreetSMART Full-Contact class which offers carefully monitored full-contact sparring.

Men and women of all shapes and sizes can find success in a practical self defense system that is based on cunning and speed rather than size and strength. Participants will learn proven techniques adapted from Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, boxing, wrestling and various grappling arts. This is not a ritual art involving forms training or competitive tournaments. The AllSafe StreetSMART is pure self defense with no belt rankings or rules. This is a fighting class.

From this rigorous training, participants will gain REAL confidence based in PROVEN knowledge of their own capabilities to prevail in a physical confrontation. The mental training offered by the AllSafe StreetSMART program is as important and effective as the physical training in controlling fear and conquering insecurities. As an additional benefit of continued training, students will tone and harden their bodies, improve their cardiovascular fitness, increase their flexibility and strength, plus enhance their coordination.

Unique to the AllSafe StreetSMART course, all training is designed to the particular experience of the individual. Classes are small and extremely focused on the development of each participant. Students with significant skills developed from prior training in other martial arts can join in at an advanced level without having to endure a lot of remedial training.

Students who wish will study a variety of weapons training. This training includes using and defending against clubs and batons, edged weapons, and firearms (disarms and weapon retention).

For the AllSafe StreetSMART Full-Contact class, all students must be pre-qualified. This is full-contact sparring with every style and technique welcome. In a non-competitive environment, students work to test their skills against others in a controlled, non-hostile exchange. Focusing on conditioning and fitness, students will develop their strength, stamina, speed and awareness. As confidence builds through a carefully designed contact environment, training sessions will include sparring with advanced students and the instructor. Students will need to provide their own gloves, plus mouth and groin protection (local vendors will be recommended).

The AllSafe StreetSMART courses are designed as an on-going curriculum that will provide continuous training for many years. There are no contracts to sign, no long-term commitments required, and enrollments may start or end at the convenience of the participant. Potential students are encouraged to interview with the instructors or stop by and watch a training session.