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NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor @ AllSafe Defense Systems
Apr 29 @ 9:00 am – Apr 30 @ 5:00 pm
For previously certified PP INSIDE the Home Instructors

This is the premiere Concealed Carry Weapon course in the United States. Teaching the effective use of a concealed handgun is the purpose of this class and includes:

  • concealment techniques and devices,
  • presenting the handgun from concealment,
  • utilizing cover, movement, point shooting,
  • engaging multiple targets,
  • one-hand shooting,
  • and low-light shooting.

Also included are strategies for preventing violent encounters. Although not part of the curriculum. there will be a discussion of the legal ramifications of using lethal force in self defense, outside the home. NRA textbook and certificate are included. Before enrolling in the Instructor course participants must complete BOTH the Basic and Advanced levels of the STUDENT PPOTH course 

You can sign up instantly with your credit card by clicking the “Book it” link below.

The cost for this class is $200.