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Advanced Handgun Tactics – Retention Fire @ FT3 Tactical
Dec 27 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Advanced Handgun Tactics - Retention Fire @ FT3 Tactical | Stanton | California | United States

As the title indicates, this is NOT a basic course.

This is an intensive training session to work on keeping control of your handgun in close-quarters conflict. Most people don’t understand that most gunfights occur within arm-reach distance. If you are facing a determined adversary, he will aggressively lunge at you to disable you and take your handgun away from you. This class will explore the various techniques of keeping control of your handgun and still get significant hits on the target.

We will also feature the threatening Encroaching Target drills.

Cost: $80. The class will be held at the FT3 Tactical Range.

All participants will need a at least three magazines and 200 rounds of ammo. The course of fire will not require a large of ammo. Most drills will conclude with two, maybe three rounds. All handguns will start in a holster.  No cross-draw or shoulder holsters are permitted. Concealment garments are not required nor are they prohibited.

You can book the class here with your credit card:
Advanced Handgun Tactics–Retention