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These testimonials were sent to AllSafe by people who have participated in a variety of differing levles of training. The comments are their words exactly as written.

“I recently completed the CCW class with TJ and I must say that it a awesome. The class was informative, fun and challenging. I was extremely impressed with TJ and his team. I highly recommend Allsafe Defense Systems.”
Fadi R.
“TJ -Your Class opened my eyes to my handgun proficiency!!! I have always thought that my Marine Corp training provided me with skill sets that made me above average in handgun handling and marksmanship. Your Class and YOUR presentation showed me that those skill sets were those of a beginner – shooting in “Real Life” conditions is a humbling experience. WOW-I learned so much and the “drills” that we went thru were just the beginning of a skill set that I need to be improved upon. Its like being a “white belt” and wanting to become a “black belt”. This requires repetition and time. This is a “must” Class for anyone who want to understand what it takes to “conceal carry” and to respond properly.”
Charkes W
“This class over delivers! TJ is an excellent instructor. I recently took the NRA Certified, Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home Course. As a female I appreciate his unbiased attention, high expectations and dedication to teaching. You will leave this class more confident and competent than you entered. He will push you past your comfort zone, in a helpful way. Come to this class prepared to work, learn a lot and have a great time. The drills were extensive, but extremely helpful and fun. If you’re looking for a short cut, this IS NOT it!!”
Tana R
“Simply awesome–with safety first, novice to advanced will learn from this incredibly qualified instructor.  I will definitely be taking additional courses from TJ.  He has a great sense of humor, works and develops shooters at a fast pace, and he will exceed expectations.  He is backed by an equally helpful staff.  My two  day CCW course was a superb experience.”
Alan W.
“I took TJ’s NRA Pistol Instructor course, and it was one of the most informational and useful courses I have ever taken.  The material was a defined set, but what was really valuable is the teaching methodology that I learned. That alone was completely worth the price of admission. When someone takes a course like this, they are taking it for what’s not in the book, the insight, the knowledge and the experience of someone who has taught new shooters for many years. I am truly looking foreword to taking his business of instructing course, and other courses in the future.”
Austin B.
“I took the basic handgun safety class and I definitely learned a lot more than I thought I would. In a state that restricts the right to self defense as much as Ca it’s important to know what can get you into trouble and when you are in the clear. I highly recommend all safe.”
Joey B

“My husband and i took TJ’s Basic Shooting class. TJ is incredibly knowledgable and friendly. He makes you feel right at home and makes the class fun. I didn’t “think” I needed it because I’ve taken many other classes in the past. I’d never taken one that worked on speed and accuracy at the same time. I will be back to do this class over and over because it’s so fun! He sets up many challenges that are immediately gratifying and interactive. I just can’t say enough good things! I plan to take all the classes he offers over the course of the next year.”
Tink C.
“I have taken 4 Instructor classes from TJ at All Safe Defense. I am signed up for 2 more. He makes the learning fun, yet safe. He gives individual attention where needed and he is very knowledgable. Everything he teaches has a purpose and role in the instruction. I tell every one to go see TJ.”
Dan M.
“Outstanding course! TJ and his staff’s  expertise and level of training exceeded my expectations. I’m glad I chose this class and I’ll be recommending it to all my friends.

I have several friends that have taken other courses and they only meet the minimum requirements. This “personal protection outside the home” course went WAY above the “minimum” and for less than others charge!

I really got my money’s worth!”

Stan R.