NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor

Although not a shooting course, the Home Firearm Safety program is the most important discipline available to the community. People must learn the proper methods of storing and maintaining their firearms to assure they don’t get into the wrong hands or deteriorate due to improper storage techniques.

This course is the easiest instructor training course and is the best starting point for people interested in becoming an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor. It is the broadest, in a very general way covering all types of firearms. It also invests in the NRA’s Eddie Eagle children’s safety program.

Every gun owner needs this training and it is an invaluable course to offer to Neighborhood Watch programs, PTA’s, recreation centers at condominium complexes, corporations with employee safety programs. It is universal in it’s application and becomes a good entree for organizations that may be “gun shy” about the NRA and its training programs. Nobody can be offended by teaching this important gun safety class.