About AllSafe Defense Systems

“AllSafe Defense Systems is here to empower people to take charge of their lives,” says chief instructor TJ Johnston. “By employing proven principles of self defense, AllSafe offers civilians the training necessary to cultivate confidence in their ability to control their environment and be secure in their daily activities.”

The training offered by AllSafe is based on a martial arts background, which focuses an appreciation for fitness and clarity of mind. A well-rounded self-defense system includes good “street awareness” physical skills and abilities, mental toughness, and a will to never give up.

AllSafe Defense Systems provides the full spectrum of training, included armed and unarmed self-defense. Courses include basic awareness training, assault avoidance, street fighting, and firearms training.

Firearms Training

AllSafe specializes in providing safe, fun and effective training in the use of firearms. The firearms programs include basic marksmanship in rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Also are more challenging courses in the defensive use of handguns, shotguns and urban rifle techniques.

Special Note: For all beginning level training, AllSafe will supply the firearms at no additional charge! This is an exceptional opportunity for beginners to try out a large selection of firearms before deciding which kind, caliber, and model will best suit their needs.

For intermediate level shooters, AllSafe provides the training necessary to obtain a Concealed Carry Weapons permit from the Orange County Sheriff. And for the truly advanced, AllSafe can provide the training necessary to become an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor in NRA Basic Pistol, Rifle Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection in the Home, and the new Metallic Cartridge and Shotshell Reloading Instructor certification. Additionally, AllSafe can provide the necessary training to become an NRA Range Safety Officer.

AllSafe is dedicated to training citizens in all-round self defense. From simple awareness to gun fighting, the purpose of AllSafe is to reduce the victimization of people and make the life of criminals more dangerous.
Although we may not control our destiny, each of us is in control of how we respond to our environment. Our mindset dictates how we perceive the world around us. The goal is to take charge of your instrument (body/mind/weapon) and make proper use of it. The more we train our instrument, the more useful and productive it will become.
The genesis of AllSafe started with the Cal State Fullerton Kung Fu club. A student asked what would happen if confronted by an assailant armed with a firearm who was a few yards away. This lead to intensive firearms training, to assure that students could meet an overcome that potential threat.
We offer a full range of defensive training. Starting with the mind: tuning it to be more aware and preventing fear and surprise from overwhelming it. To do this, the body must be trained, whether using contact weapons or firearm, the weapon is an extension of the body and the mind. Whether hands or feet, pistol, rifle or shotgun, the mind is in control and the weapon must respond. Stress inoculation is an important part of all defensive training.

We Specialize In

Firearms Training 90
Unarmed Self-Defense 75
NRA Certifications 85
For Women Only 55
Special Events 45
Tactical Training 35