AllSafe Special Events

AllSafe hosts several special events on a regular basis. The AllSafe Handgun SkillBuilder is a highly intensive practice to increase the shooters ability with their firearm.

AllSafe Handgun SkillBuilder

This training is designed for “advanced beginners” and intermediate level handgunners who have their own handgun and holster and are comfortable with the manipulation of their handgun and the basics of sight picture and trigger control.

AllSafe Pistol/Shotgun Combo

The AllSafe Pistol/Shotgun combo is more of a challenge than a class. I will set up three different courses of fire and challenge you to decide which targets should be addressed by your handgun and which targets should be addressed by your shotgun. Each firearm has its capabilities and liabilities, and your job is to think it through and then test your thinking by shooting it.

AllSafe Revolvers ONLY

The place of a solid defensive revolver has been take over by the auto-loading pistol. But the revolver is an outstanding defensive weapon. Unlike the semi-autos, it rarely has stoppages, takes no strength to operate, and is available in outstanding calibers that are simply not available in the normal semi-auto handguns.