NRA Basic Courses

NRA Basic Pistol

The most basic handgun course, this class offers the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship for sport or plinking pleasure. .22 semi-auto pistols and ammo are supplied. NRA textbook and certificate included. Although this is not a self-defense course, students will have the opportunity to try out a wide variety of different types of handguns of larger calibers as a separate option in the class.


NRA Personal Protection in the Home

For experienced handgun shooters, this is the NRA’s self defense course which information about using a handgun for self defense. Levels of awareness, defensive mindset, and defensive accuracy are the focus of this day-long course. Shooters will learn to deal with the pressure of “stress fire” and how to compensate for the lack of fine motor skills under duress. NRA textbook and certificate are included.

NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

For experienced handgun shooters, this is the premiere Concealed Carry Weapon course in the United States. It teaches the effective use of a concealed handgun and includes concealment techniques and devices, presenting the handgun from concealment, utilizing cover, movement, point shooting, engaging multiple targets, one-hand shooting, and low-light shooting. Also included are strategies for preventing violent encounters and the legal ramifications of using lethal force in self defense outside the home. NRA textbook and certificate are included.

NRA Home Firearm Safety

A non-shooting course dedicated exclusively to storing and caring for a firearm in the home. This is a short four-hour course and includes a special segment for parents, introducing the highly-touted NRA Eddie Eagle Child Safety program, with special emphasis on how to approach children with gun safety. Every parent must learn how to “gun proof” their children! NRA textbook and certificate included.

NRA Basic Rifle

Learn the fundamentals of four-position rifle shooting for sport, competition shooting, or hunting. Thorough training in standing, prone, kneeling and sitting, the course also includes live-firing with a .22 rifle from each of these positions. Naturally the elements of safe gun handling are emphasized along with the safe storage, cleaning and maintenance of a rifle. NRA textbook and certificate included.


NRA Basic Shotgun

Provides the fundamentals required to hit a moving target with a shotgun. Course is the basis for shotgun hunting, skeet, trap, and sporting clays. This NRA program offers the simple method of lead known as the “swing to target” method of lead, so that brand new shooters will be breaking targets on their first time on the range. NRA textbook and certificate included.

NRA Basics of Reloading (Metallic Cartridge and Shotshell)

Covers everything from brass prep, bullet, primer, and powder selection, shotshell reloading, plus tips on reloading all the major rifle and pistol calibers on both single stage and progressive reloaders. This is hands-on training; participants will actually load ammunition as part of the class.