AllSafe Revolvers ONLY

The place of a solid defensive revolver has been taken over by the auto-loading pistol. But the revolver is an outstanding defensive weapon. Unlike the semi-autos, it rarely has stoppages, takes no strength to operate, and is available in outstanding calibers that are simply not available in the normal semi-auto handguns.

So, AllSafe is offering a “Revolver Only” shoot. This is not a training class but simply a four-stage shooting event to allow people to compete on a level playing field where everybody has to load with speed loaders instead of magazines. Plus our state government doesn’t have an issue with ammo capacity and therefore doesn’t regulate these handguns. Our misinformed legislators don’t consider these handguns as dangerous/deadly as the auto-loaders.

Yeah, right…

Need at least 100 rounds of centerfire ammunition (no bi-metal is allowed at the range) and at least three speed loaders. A holster is required, as well as eye and ear protection.