Range Emergency Care (REC)

The Range Emergency Care (REC)*

The class will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and treat victims of cardiac arrest, obstructed airway, life-threatening external bleeding, amputations, penetrating wounds such as from bullets and knives, heat stroke & heat exhaustion. Participants practice simple but highly effective skills of chest compressions, recovery position, tourniquets, trauma dressings, using instructors and each other for practice. Select “real” graphic footage of cardiac arrests, CPR-in-progress, choking victims, gunshot wounds, and other injuries are reviewed so participants learn what true emergencies look and sound like. Each video or picture is followed by a brief guided discussion about the degree of severity, what options for effective care exist, and how to separate the “drama” from reality.

Past courses have included participants with backgrounds ranging from trained emergency nurses to completely untrained laypeople. Questions, observations, and answers are not only numerous but welcome. Everyone leaves the REC class better prepared to deal with the covered emergencies.

The cost of the class is $120. If you book the REC course in combination with the RSO course, you will get a discount code to save you $20.

Class Details

Duration: Four (4) hours.

Class size: Limited to ten (10) students for maximum instructor-student ratio and individualized attention

Class design: A mix of lecture, hands-on practice, focused Q&A, situation analysis, and more hands-on practice!

Resources: Some items will be available for purchase during class, e.g. tourniquets, emergency trauma dressings/bandages. A handout detailing what we consider to be important components of an “iFAK” will be available as well.


  • Tony Ricci (lead Instructor) has been a paramedic since 1995, with extensive experience as a Fire Engine/Squad based medic as well as ground ambulances, a helicopter-based flight paramedic, Navy Corpsman, Army Medic (68W3), and EMS instructor. Tony, retired from the Fire Service and Military, still works as a field medic in Riverside County, CA. 

  • Jennifer Ricci (lead assistant) has been an EMT since 1994 with 20 years of extensive field experience beginning as a Firefighter-EMT through to Battalion Chief. She is an invaluable source of knowledge for every REC Class.

  • Assistant pool instructors are asked to help based on class size and availability and are all currently practicing Emergency Medical Technicians, either Basic or Paramedic level, with varied backgrounds, each being valuable for enhancing the student’s experience.

*Completion of the Range Emergency Care is not an endorsement or license to practice medicine. Rather, it is intended to provide you with knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and, should you decide to do so, help victims of specific medical or traumatic emergencies until more advanced and/or professional resources become available. Currently licensed or certified medical professionals remain subject to their respective, applicable protocols, regulations, and statutes.