Range Emergency Care (REC)

The Range Emergency Care (REC)* course focuses on what can be done to care for select life-threatening events e.g. cardiac arrest, penetrating wounds such as from bullets and knives, amputations, external hemorrhage, severe allergic reactions, heat stroke and seizures. Participants can practice the simple but highly effective skills of chest compressions, airway positioning, tourniquets, trauma dressings, “Epi-Pens” etc. using the instructors and each other for practice. Select “real” graphic footage of cardiac arrests, CPR-in-progress, gunshot wounds and other injuries are shown so participants learn what true emergencies look like (movies are usually very different than reality). Each video or picture is followed by a brief guided discussion about degree of severity, what options for effective care exist, and how to separate the “drama” from the reality.

Past courses have included participants with backgrounds ranging from trained emergency nurses to completely untrained lay people. Questions, observations and answers are not only numerous, but welcome. Everyone leaves the REC Course with enhanced knowledge, skills and abilities. Class handouts are provided, including emergency record card templates, and instructions on how to locate one’s position using latitude and longitude using one’s cell phone, both vitally useful when an emergency occurs in a remote area.

The cost of the class is $120. You book the class with a non-refundable $10 deposit. The remainder will be due upon arrival at the class.

The OmniFAK-911 is the most comprehensive emergency care kit currently available, containing tools ranging from several methods of treating life-threatening hemorrhage to penetrating chest wounds, burns, eye injuries, and other traumatic conditions. The OmniFAK-911 and its contents are described, demonstrated, and practiced during the REC class, and combined with what you will learn in the REC class, will make you better prepared than ever to deal with unforeseen emergencies, whether on the range or any place else.

OmniFAK-911 life-saver kits will be available at class for $165 each while supplies last.

Why pre-order your very own OmniFAK-911?

  1. You will have the opportunity to deploy and practice with each component during guided scenarios. Knowing your emergency care tools is vital: They are NOTHING without your skill.
  2. You will save the time, cost, and significant hassle required to hunt down and purchase all the components yourself.
  3. You will leave the course fully prepared.
  4. For the price and size, there is NO OTHER pre-assembled kit available with the breadth or functionality of the OmniFAK-911. Period.

*3 hours if combined with 1st Aid/CPR/AED or 4.5 hours if taken as a stand-alone class.

**Limit one (1) per student. Though some superficial variation in color/appearance is likely based on vendor and/or content availability, the fundamental quality and usability of the kit will never be compromised.

***Completion of the Range Emergency Care is not an endorsement or license to practice medicine. Rather, it is intended to inform and educate you about effective methods to recognize and treat emergencies when no practical alternative is available, i.e. professional help is delayed or unavailable. Currently licensed or certified medical professionals remain subject to their respective protocols, regulations and statutes.