What happens when your dominant hand isn’t functional?

At sometime in your life, your dominant hand may not be available when you need it most: to save your life. Learning to deploy, manipulate and shoot accurately with your support hand is an important and often-neglected skill. This training session is dedicated to that end.

For most people, shooting from the non-dominant side requires developing an entirely new skill set. Not only the process of aiming the pistol, but re-learning proper trigger control and follow-through. Added to this challenge is drawing from your holster, changing magazines and clearing stoppages. This class will be a workout for sure!

We will be doing holster work with unloaded pistols. After this course, you may decide to change not only your holster, but where you carry your gun (strong-side, appendix, behind-the-back). This class is more of a workshop where you will discover what works and what doesn’t.

You will need your handgun with suitable holster, at least two magazines (three or more is better) in magazine carriers, and 200 rounds of ammunition.

COST: $80