These folks are important to us for a variety of reasons.  Take some time to visit their sites and get to know them.
AirSoft Station The Difference Between an Electric, Gas, Green, CO2 and Spring Airsoft Guns.
American Self-Defense Institute Dedicated To Our Members’ Safety, Self Protection, Education, Training and Legal Assistance For People Who Realize That They Are Responsible For Their Own Self-Defense. See the latest breaking news regarding Federal, State and local gun laws, regulations, and litigation. Established and maintained by Chuck Michel, the top gun rights lawyer in California.
Chuck Michel Chuck Michel, LLP, is a premier lawyer specializing in  firearm regulatory matters, criminal defense, and civil rights.
California Gun Laws-Cal DOJ Here’s a PDF file that gives you all the current California laws in layman’s language.
Center For The Study Of Crime Provides the information that will will help any 2nd Amendment activist become more effective, without having to reinvent the wheel each time a new project or new issue is tackled.
Gun Facts A download-able book that concisely debunks all the current myths about firearms. Excellent resource for debating the gun issue. Comes in a PDF file format.
Operation Self Defense True accounts of armed self-defense in the news.
The Supreme Court and the Second Amendment An analysis of the landmark cases from The Supreme Court.

Firearms Sellers

ARM USA Full-service Orange County gun store that is the HOME of the .50 cal shooters.
Faith Armory Temecula’s Premier Gun Shop, a friendly place to come, learn, and hangout.
Fowlers Gun Room/Stockade Two different gun stores in Orange County providing a large selection of rifles, pistols and shotguns, plus gunsmithing.
OC Armory Mike Penhall isn’t afraid to sell black guns. He strongly believes in the Second Amendment and shows it in what he sells.
Turner’s Outdoorsman Full-service hunting and fishing and all outdoor recreation. Always supports local RKBA efforts and the NRA.

Firearms Trainers

Please visit these other sites and attend their training if possible. We are NOT in competition with each other! Every school offers something different and you should train with as many different instructors as you can afford!

Alpha Safety Training Instructor Jim Amentler is committed to the teaching of valuable skills that will enable you to respond to emergency situations. Join us for a Utah CCW class, NRA Pistol class or CPR/First Aid class.
American Small Arms Academy Chuck Taylor’s 4-Weapon Combat Master Course.
CCW Permit Instruction Orville Wright conducts Utah/Arizona/Florida Non-Resident, Multi-State CCW Permit Instruction Courses that will qualify you to obtain CCW Permits that are honored in 33 states.
CCW USA Firearms Training William Desy offers California, Utah, and Florida Concealed Carry Permit and Tactics Classes. Group and Private Training available in Marksmanship, Tactics and Self-Defense.
DPC Firearms Training Dan & Cindy are dedicated to instructing responsible individuals in the efficient use of handguns and rifles for recreation, competition and self-defense.
Defense Training International John Farnam’s traveling tactical training courses.
Enforcement Trainers, Inc. Firearms training, full BSIS State Security Training Certifications.
Firearms Training Associates Bill Murphy’s tactical training at Raahauges’
Front Sight Firearms Training Ignatius Piazza’s dynamic facility in Pahrump Nevada, offering gun handling, marksmanship, and tactical training courses taught by personable, real-world instructors.
Greg Block Firearms Training Greg offers self defense training in all disciplines at Burro Canyon Shooting Park.
Gunsite Academy Founded by Jeff Cooper, this is the Mecca of firearms training; where the Modern Pistol Technique originated.
Lethal Force Institute Massad Ayoob’s school and his excellent publications resource: “Police Bookshelf”.
Pacific Security Training Academy Sergey Kleymenov’s academy training program designed for security personnel and armed guards, seeking to improve their career opportunities. Located in the San Fernando Valley.
Rhino Tactical Rhino Tactical specializes in Law enforcement, Military and civilian defensive and aggressive marksmanship training. Jimmy Flores’ classes are geared toward understanding and expanding marksmanship and tactical philosophies and theories in all aspects of combat shooting.  Located in the San Fernando Valley.
Street Safe Defense Street Safe Defense offers the State of CA CCW Course, plus the State of AZ + 35 states CCW course, approved by the AZ Dept. of Public Safety. Street Safe also offers a one-day State of CA CCW re-certification course for all CA CCW registrants.
Suarez International Gabe Suarez is committed to make you a better combatant. “We will give you the tools necessary to make you ‘the threat’ to anyone who might intend to harm you.”
Tactical-Concepts Providing tactical training to law enforcement, military, and corrections. In Santa Maria, CA
TFTT Tactical Firearms Training Team provides instruction in progressive firearms and tactics skills. All programs come under the direct supervision of the Training Director – Max Joseph
Thunder Ranch Clint Smith’s 2400-acre world-class firearms training facility now in Oregon.
Top Gun Training Center Ron Pearne and R.J Kirschner specialize in “real world firearm training” on multiple weapons systems to produce winners with the “Warrior Spirit.”
Yavapai Firearms Academy Louis Awerbuck’s tactical training in pistol, rifle and shotgun.

Freedom Organizations

The Firearms Coalition Created by his, Neal Knox, his widow Jay and sons Chris and Jeff Knox run this site to push the NRA into action. By far the most decisive and practical of all the gun rights organization.
Gun Owners of America Larry Pratt’s national no-compromise gun rights advocates.
Gun Owners of California HL Richardson’s original group of no-compromise, no-prisoners “gun fighters.”
Hunter’s Shooting Association Advanced Field Marksmanship for Hunters
Liberty Belles Dedicated to educating more women about self-preservation as a Natural Right and bringing more women to support our essential freedoms.
Calif NRA Members Councils Every gun owner should get involved with their local NRA council.
National Rifle Association No explanation needed.


Angeles Shooting Range An excellent outdoor rifle and pistol range that also serves as the home for Moore & Moore Sporting Clays.
Burro Canyon Shooting Park A range where you can have real fun with real guns.
FT3 Range The newest, cleanest, finest indoor range in OC. 25 yards where you can fire rifles, pistols, shotguns (slugs) with a helpful staff, rental guns, and all calibers of ammo for sale.
Escondido Fish & Game Association Outdoor rifle, pistol, and trap range. Hosts IDPA, SASS, and CMP shoots.
Insight Shooting Range An indoor range near the 91 & 605 freeways, offers 20 lane at a full 25 yards. With complete line of handguns for rent.
Iron Sights Shooting Range Was the Oceanside Shooting Academy. Has an indoor 25-yard RIFLE range, where you can shoot high-power rifle INDOORS!
LAX Firing Range The range offers 14 positions, 3 dedicated for high powered rifles and shotguns with a large selection of rental guns, Pro-Shop, firearms training, specialized classes and a ultrasonic gun cleaning service.
On-Target Shooting Range South Orange County 25-yard Indoor Shooting Range with Gunsmith on site
Orange County Indoor Shooting Range This was the old Brea Firing Range that went bankrupt in Jan 2001. The employees bought the range and RE-OPENED it in Aug 2001!
Prado Olympic Shooting Park IDPA Pistol, Skeet, Trap, Cowboy Action–do it all at Prado!
Triple B Clays The most complete shotgun sports park in Southern California.
West End Gun Club Cowboy Action, Action Pistol, IPSC, Junior Programs, they do it all!

Shooting Gear and Accessories

Alco Targets The premier online source for all of your target and accessory needs. Their wide selection of products includes every NRA regulation bullseye target, plus IPSC Targets, NRA D-1 Targets, Tactical Encounters and realistic targets.
AmmoGuide AmmoGuide Interactive is a revolutionary online resource for ammunition offering over 2500 loads for over 100 cartridges.
Dillon Precision The best progressive reloaders in the business. Also a full line of shooting accessories. The cover of the “Blue Press” makes every issue worth receiving.
Stealth Holsters Where you will the finest concealment holsters and firearms accessories.
Urban-Tac UrbanTac-Gear for the Urban jungle: discreet, functional and effective. They carry everything from self-defense items, packs, bags and knives to lights and clothing.

Shooting Organizations

Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club The Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club in Castaic, Ca hosts monthly CMP Sanctioned M-1 Garand Clinics and Matches. The clinics are taught by CMP Master Instructor Dennis Santiago.
Fifty Caliber Shooters’ Policy Institute The name says it all. This group supports BIG BORE shooting at its best!
Oceanside Practical Pistol Club Club holds weekly matches on Thursday Nights and an IDPA match on the last Sunday of the month at the Iron Sight Shooting Range.
SHOT Show The SHOT Show is the largest and most comprehensive marketplace for all professionals serving the shooting sports and hunting industries.

Noteworthy Sites

Assault Weapon Watch 24/7 you can watch this loaded rifle, to see if it kills anybody!
DOJ Handgun Approved List Check and see if the gun you want to purchase is “Kalifornia Legal”. It would be politically incorrect to buy something not approved by the People’s Republik.
Box O’ Truth The purpose of the Box is to test the penetration of various rounds. There is only one way to know how much a certain round penetrates. You must shoot it into a medium and see for a fact.