Non-Resident Arizona & Utah Concealed Carry Permit Course

The Non-Resident Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) and the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP) gun permits allow for concealed carry in 30+ States. This lecture-only class meets the minimum safety course requirement for issuance of the Arizona CWP and Utah CFP permits; there is no live-fire training or qualification.  This course will cover eligibility requirements, Federal & State firearms regulations pertaining to concealed carry, and basic firearm safety.  Please note that this course is NOT for concealed carry in California.  You must be a legal U.S. resident (U.S. citizen or Arizona resident for the Arizona permit); 21 or older; who is not prohibited from possessing firearms.

The Arizona and Utah permits are very similar in the states that are recognized with a minor exception:

  • With the Arizona permit, you get New Mexico, but not Washington state;
  • With the Utah permit, you get Washington but not New Mexico.
  • -The other 29 states are the same between the two permits.  Both permits are good for 5 years.

The other 29 states are the same between the two permits.  Both permits are good for 5 years.


  • Registration is $110 to receive an application packet and certificate of completion for either Arizona or Utah. Also includes the required fingerprinting/photo services for that first state.  (AZ requires two rolled fingerprint cards; UT requires one fingerprint card, one photo & a photocopy of CDL.)
  • For only an additional $30, you will receive a packet, certificate, AND SERVICES for the second permit – total $140!

Applications will be handed out and completed during class.

FYI – Application fees that you will be responsible for (payable to AZ or UT when you mail in your packet):

  • $60 (cashier’s check or money order only) to Arizona Department of Public Safety
  • $63.25 check to Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (personal checks accepted for Utah, in addition to cashier’s checks or money orders); credit card also accepted for Utah


Instructor Cheryl Tokle

Contact: Cheryl Tokle
(310) 748-5251