CCW Night – Evan’s Gun World

  • RATES: $80 /per person


  • Most ranges won’t allow holster work or rapid-fire training, or especially moving and shooting. The AllSafe CCW Night is designed specifically for people who are currently permitted to carry a concealed weapon to practice the essential drills that they will need to prevail in a gun fight.
  • This is a dynamic and challenging class, NOT FOR BEGINNING SHOOTERS, featuring speed work, drawing from concealment, shooting multiple targets, moving to cover, and close-quarter point shooting and retention fire.
  • The AllSafe CCW Night is compressed two hour class that requires a handgun, with appropriate holster, at least three magazines for auto-loaders (or three speedloaders for revolvers) and 200+ rounds of ammo. The cost is $80.
  • If you’re depending your life on a handgun, you’d better be practicing with it on a regular basis. Shooting is a perishable skill. Shooting quickly and accurately under stress is even more difficult. Build confidence in your ability to use your weapon effectively, safely, and effective by working with it through this challenging course of fire.


  • Centerfire handgun; concealable holster (no cross-draw), at least three magazines (of ANY capacity!), 200+ rounds of ammo, and a concealment garment.