CCW/NRA Personal Protection OUTSIDE the Home

(Orange County CCW Permit Training)

This is an advanced handgun course that is approved by the Orange County Sheriff for their Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permit.

  • RATES: $200 /per person
  • DURATION: 16 Hours

The NRA Personal Protection OUTSIDE the Home is the next level up from NRA Personal Protection INSIDE the Home. The main focus of this course is the effective use of a concealed handgun for self-defense on the street. Included are chapters on concealment techniques and devices, presenting the handgun from concealment, utilizing cover and concealment outdoors. This innovative course includes presentation and movement, point shooting, instinctive shooting, low-light shooting, engaging multiple targets, and one-hand shooting.

These skills and others presented in this course form the core shooting skills used to counter a life-threatening attack outside the home.

The course is divided into two levels: Basic and ADVANCED. The Basic Level covers presentation from a concealed holster (or purse), shooting from cover, shooting one-handed, and point shooting. The Advanced level includes moving while shooting, shooting from low cover, addressing targets to the left/right and behind, prone, low-light, and hip-shooting (called “instinct shooting”). In total there are seven segments including Strategies for Personal Safety Outside the Home; Carrying a Concealed Handgun and Presenting from Concealment; Developing Basic Defensive Shooting Skills; Developing Concealed Carry Skills; plus the all-important Self-Defense and the Law. The course is a hands-on program with both levels encompassing fourteen hours of classroom and range instruction.

You can watch my short (2 min) YouTube video here.