NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home (Instructor)

This is the most challenging of all the instructor disciplines. Candidates must be currently certified as Basic Pistol Instructors and Personal Protection in the Home Instructors. And then candidates must take and complete both levels of the Outside the Home STUDENT course, to assure they know what their students are required to do.

The NRA PPOTH course is the premiere concealed carry course, and thus will focus on a safe and efficient draw stroke. The instructor must be able to teach this from either a strong-side hip holster or holster purse. The instructor must be able to voice the commands to assure absolute range control and guarantee that every student is working in unison with the class and the commands.

This class breaks the “square range mentality” with turning drills where students will address targets on either side and even behind them. The instructor must know and be able to teach the flashlight techniques and safety develop in their students the ability to use a flashlight effectively to identify and shoot a target in low light conditions.

Shooting from cover, kneeling and prone, shooting one-hand, unsupported are all presented in this dynamic course of fire. As concealed carry becomes more available across America, there is a tremendous need for this advanced course. Instructors must be properly trained to assure the safety of their students as they work through these challenging drills.