FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)2017-01-31T01:49:05-08:00

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What is the NRA Instructor Certification process?2014-10-22T22:53:14-07:00

Experienced shooters can enroll in any of a variety of shooting disciplines: Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun/Home Safety/Personal Protection. Each course is separate and distinct course and certification.

Are there prerequisites required before enrolling in the instructor training courses?2014-10-22T22:49:09-07:00

Each of the basic disciplines will require the candidate to demonstrate their ability to use the firearm by shooting a prescribed course of fire. This is accomplished on the first morning of the class.

Is there a prescribed order to take the various NRA Instructor disciplines?2014-10-22T22:51:35-07:00

Not for the basic disciplines. The Personal Protection courses require prior certification in other disciplines.

What does being an “NRA Certified Instructor” mean?2014-10-22T22:48:16-07:00

The NRA Certification is nationally recognized as the leader in basic firearms training. Instructors are entrepreneurs responsible for booking their own students, setting the own fees, and running their own courses.

Do I have to take classes before I take the CCW class?2015-02-26T20:54:59-08:00

The state requires that the training not exceed sixteen hours, so no. But this is a very advanced defensive handgun class, and so AllSafe offers a Pre-CCW prep class that is entirely optional. To determine whether you should enroll in the pre-CCW class, participants in the full class should include knowing the operation of the handgun (loading, unloading, clearing stoppages), the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship and drawing from a holster. People attempting this class without these skills will be very frustrated by the demands of the class.

Is the AllSafe CCW Class approved by the Orange County Sheriff?2015-02-26T20:51:30-08:00

Yes. Under the auspices of AllSafe Defense Systems, TJ Johnston is approved to offer the state-required training at the FT3 and On Target Ranges.

Should I take the CCW class before I apply for the CCW permit?2014-10-22T22:46:08-07:00

No. Ideally, permit candidates should have completed their initial interview and have been told to seek the training classes. It has been noted that the training should be taken within a 90-day window of the initial approval.

Is there additional charge for qualifying additional CCW handguns?2014-10-22T22:52:16-07:00

No. The training is scheduled for two days and if participants have the appropriate gear (holsters, magazines, etc.) they can shoot one gun on Day 1 and another gun on Day 2. Anyone who wants to qualify additional guns can accomplish this by shooting a simple qualifier at the end of the training period.

Are firearms provided for AllSafe Basic Courses?2014-10-22T22:38:43-07:00

Yes, firearms are provided for the AllSafe Basic Handgun and Defensive Shotgun courses. The Urban Rifle course is not a basic class and requires participants to bring their own rifle, with which they are intimately familiar with its sighting system and operation.

Do I have to buy the AllSafe ammo?2014-10-22T22:42:37-07:00

No, you can bring your own. Some ranges restrict bi-metal or ammo manufactured by Eastern Bloc countries.

Is there a discount for returning students?2014-10-22T22:43:00-07:00

Yes. For those who don’t need the classroom or practice sessions, returning students can attend for less than 50% of the original fee.

Is there a discount for families or groups?2017-01-31T01:49:09-08:00

No, sorry. The cost per person is the lowest available for the intensive amount of training involved in each of these courses.

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