AllSafe Urban Rifle

The AllSafe Urban Rifle is designed to demonstrate the full potential of a centerfire rifle in neutralizing a hostile environment. Of all the small arms, the rifle is the premiere implement to apply significant stopping power at great distances. When properly employed, it is also very effective at close ranges.
Rifle marksmanship is an exercise in stillness and absolute control of position, breathing, and trigger. Applying these basic fundamentals to rapid-fire situations creates an interesting and fun challenge. Targets include IPSC silhouettes shot for score and reactive steel, shot for fun!

The AllSafe Urban Rifle course IS NOT A BASIC LEVEL CLASS. It goes beyond the basics and includes snapshots, knowing the trajectory of your ammunition, speed reloading, and shooting from unique positions not found in normal high-power rifle matches.

The course of fire includes analysis of target selection to eliminate hits on friendly targets due to over-penetration, use of cover and concealment while moving, and rapid-fire, multiple target engagements.

This course is best accomplished using a semi-auto, magazine-fed centerfire rifle. This is an “urban” course, so the distance to targets is generally close. Carbines (and pistol caliber rifles) will be sufficient.

The drills and course of fire will require a minimum of 300 rounds of ammunition. All ammo must be military ball (FMJ) or hollowpoint or soft-point. No steel-core, green-tipped, armor-piercing, tracer, or incendiary ammunition will be allowed. Your ammo WILL BE INSPECTED AND CHECKED WITH A MAGNET! Magazine capacity will not be questioned.

The purpose of the AllSafe Urban Rifle course is to bring out your “black rifles” and enjoy their excellent features without crippling your rifles with Kalifornia encumbrances. You will be impressed by their capability to “reach out and touch” selected targets with a lot of horsepower at considerable distances.