AllSafe Shooting Courses

Below is a brief overview of the various unique firearms training classes from AllSafe Defense Systems. Firearms are provided for most beginning level classes. Reloaded ammo is also available at discount prices.

AllSafe Basic Handgun

In addition to basic handgun marksmanship, this is a self-defense class that practices basic shooting skills while under stress. Accuracy with speed is emphasized with practical shooting techniques. This course covers the legal issues concerning lawful use of lethal force.

AllSafe Intermediate Handgun

This course is designed as the next level up from the Basic Handgun Course. It is for experienced shooters who have their own handgun and understand the rules of gun safety, plus the fundamentals of aiming and trigger control. It is a combat-oriented action class conducted in a workshop fashion where the instructor will demonstrate the proper technique and then supervise as each student practices. The skills offered at this level include featuring drawing from a holster, shooting from cover (barricade, kneeling and prone), plus one-handed strong-hand and support-hand shooting. Students will then have time to develop their skills before attempting a challenging series of scenarios that combine all of the skills taught earlier.

Advanced Handgun Tactics

Obviously not for beginners, the purpose of this class is to allow intermediate level shooters to practice important defensive skills that ranges normally will not allow. All participants will work out of a holster (concealed or not) and will not be hindered by limited rates of fire. There are four Advanced Handgun Tactics courses:

AllSafe Handgun SkillBuilder

This is indeed “calisthenics with a handgun.” A series of exercises designed to maximize your ability to draw your handgun and quickly hit targets, with either hand in rapid fire series. It starts with position and grip, developing the Natural Point of Aim and building on that to achieve quick accurate hits using Cooper’s “flash sight picture.” Special emphasis on shooting one handed, especially with the support hand. This class ends with shooting from retention and the amazing “Zipper.”

AllSafe Revolvers ONLY

The place of a solid defensive revolver has been taken over by the auto-loading pistol. But the revolver is an outstanding defensive weapon. Unlike the semi-autos, it rarely has stoppages, takes no strength to operate, and is available in outstanding calibers that are simply not available in the normal semi-auto handguns.

AllSafe Defensive Shotgun

The shotgun provides a unique defensive tool due to the wide range of ammunition that it can use. Many people own a shotgun for home defense use without understanding the effect of birdshot, buckshot and shotslugs on targets at varying distances. Exploring the extraordinary potential of a shotgun, this course exposes the capabilities and liabilities for using a shotgun effectively for defense situations, without endangering others.

AllSafe Urban Rifle

This is a close-range rifle course. It focuses on the ability to use a high-power rifle to quickly and reliably hit a close-range target. Also concerned with over-penetration, there are many no-shoot targets to challenge your precision. The Sniper Event will challenge your knowledge of your ballistics. And the final event is a run-and-gun stage, combining movement, selection of position, speed in target acquisition: it combines it all.

Orange County Concealed Carry Weapons Permit

This is the course required by the Orange County Sheriff for OC citizens to obtain a CCW permit to legally carrying a loaded handgun on their person. This is the NRA’s nationally-recognized Personal Protection Outside the Home (PPoH) course and has been approved under the auspices of the On-Target Range in Laguna Niguel. Both the initial sixteen-hour initial course and the four-hour renewal courses are available.

NRA Basic Courses

Visit the NRA Basic Courses page to see full descriptions of course and registration information.

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