AllSafe Intermediate Handgun

AllSafe Intermediate Handgun Course is designed for shooters who have their own handgun and understand the basics of sight acquisition and trigger control. Although designed for magazine-fed semi-autos, the course can be accomplished by revolver shooters who are proficient in the use of speedloaders. This is a defensive course where practical self defense skills with a handgun will be learned practiced and challenged.

The Intermediate course has no “classroom” time but is conducted entirely on the range. It is presented in a “workshop” format where various techniques of shooting will be discussed and demonstrated. Then the participants will have the opportunity to experiment under supervision as they adapt the shooting techniques to their particular style. As soon as the class shows some competence and confidence in these skills, everyone is run through a dynamically challenging course of fire where they will be graded and scored on their ability to apply the lessons learned.

The following skills are explained, explored, and established:

  • The Presentation: getting the handgun safely and efficiently out of the holster and into the fight without fumbling.
  • Strong-hand unsupported: learning to shoot one-handed also improves the trigger control for two-handed shooting.
  • Weak-hand unsupported: Among the more challenging skills, a defensive shooter must be prepared to engage an attacker with EITHER hand.
  • Shooting from cover: unlike some of the games in competition, a defensive shooter will always seek cover FIRST and not exchange fire while in the open. There are three positions practiced in the Intermediate course:
    • Kneeling: getting down below the sight plane of an assailant is the quickest and easiest way to avoid his attack. Also, on the street, most protection available is low cover.
    • Barricade: getting behind a solid wall (concrete) provides outstanding cover. Shooters must learn to keep their body–especially their feet and legs safely behind cover while engaging with their handgun. Shooters will practice shooting from a braced and un-braced barricade position.
    • Prone: although among the most difficult handgun shooting positions, when exposed in the open to gunfire, the prone position affords your opponent the smallest target.

The courses of fire are designed to entertain and instruct while challenging the shooter to engage multiple targets quickly and efficiently. Shooters are to keep their ammo replenished and never shoot their gun “dry.” All silhouette targets are scored by zones, encouraging good “center-of-mass” hits. All steel plates must fall, sometimes requiring follow-up shots, as in the “real world.”

After shooting almost three hundred rounds in various exercises, participants in the AllSafe Intermediate Handgun course will have a bonafide sense of confidence–based on real knowledge of their capabilities. They also have a clear understanding of the skills that need additional work and practice. That’s why most shooters come back to this course again and again!

Besides, it’s just plain fun! Watch the video of Rusty Lopez shooting the course.

…or see an overhead view from a drone!