CCW Renewal

This is the new eight-hour class required by the state for renewing your CCW permit. It consists of two four-hour evening sessions:

  • First night: classroom with a written test
  • Second night: a qualification shoot with each gun on your permit. Or any guns you want to add to your permit.

The first class is held at AllSafe in Orange. The live fire is held at the FT3 Tactical Range in Stanton. The cost is $140, which includes everything but ammo.

For the second night, you will need the handguns you want to qualify for your permit, two magazines for each auto-loader, and about 80 rounds for your primary carry, and 20 rounds for each additional handgun. No holster will be required.

We will shoot at 3, 5, and 7 yards. No time limits are imposed on the course of fire. Accuracy is a must.