AllSafe Defense Systems is always available to speak with reporters, editors, or other media representatives regarding self defense, firearms, safety issues, the shooting sports, pending legislation, Second Amendment issues and related topics. We have a listing of both male and female self defense experts who can sort through the rhetoric and present the real facts in a clear and concise manner to any civic group looking for spokespersons or someone to present counterpoints in the firearms debate.

Background Information

TJ Johnston – Chief Instructor: In 1971, TJ Johnston established the Cal State Fullerton Kung Fu Club at the University as an assistant instructor to his Sifu Ted Lai. In 1984, upon the passing of Sifu Lai, TJ took over as Chief Instructor, offering both college students and the public a self defense training program based on fitness and realistic, practical defensive techniques. Running one of the few full-contact sparring classes available in Southern California, TJ encouraged practitioners from all the various styles to come and train together in a non-competitive format.

Having been involved in smallbore rifle shooting since he was eight years old, TJ had a long history of shooting. He wanted to offer his experience to introduce new people to the fun of shooting. In 1986, T.J. became certified by the National Rifle Association as a Firearms Instructor. He currently holds Instructor ratings in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, and both Metallic Cartridge and Shotshell Reloading. In 1990, the NRA appointed TJ as a Training Counselor, authorizing him train experienced shooters to become NRA Certified Instructors. Having helped to develop the Range Safety Officer program, TJ was appointed a Chief Range Safety Officer to train RSO’s to professionally run live-fire ranges.

In 1992, TJ was elected to the NRA Board of Directors, where he served on the Education and Training Committee, served as Vice-Chair of the Grassroots Development Committee, and beginning in 1998, served for two years as Chairman of the Range Development Committee. Also in 1998, TJ was appointed by the NRA Training Department to conduct TC Workshops to train future Training Counselors. In 2000, as the NRA Training Department began to organize regional Training Counselors, they implemented a three-tier structure of Training Counselors, with that level (TC) as the beginning level. The next level of experience was established as Senior TC’s. And TJ was elevated to the highest status of Master Training Counselor.

During the debate of the Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act in 1989, TJ formed a locally-based activist group of firearms supporters: the Gun Owners ACTION Committee. The purpose of GOAC was to get citizens involved in politics at the local level. Many city councilpersons and school board members aspire to higher offices and TJ determined that they needed to be properly educated regarding the private ownership of firearms. GOAC became the leading activist group in Orange County, working with law makers and other civil rights organizations to stop the further erosion of our Second Amendment right. For his leadership, in 1992, TJ was awarded Gun Rights Defender of the Month by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Over the past three decades, TJ has offered unarmed self defense training to several thousands of students. He has presented NRA Instructor Certification courses to over a thousand highly experienced shooters aspiring to become NRA Instructors. In his work as an activist, he has spoken before hundreds of civic groups, conducted dozens of radio and television interviews, participated in live and televised debates and offered print media scores of interviews.