AllSafe Handgun SkillBuilder

This training is designed for “advanced beginners” and intermediate level handgunners who have their own handgun and holster and are comfortable with the manipulation of their handgun and the basics of sight picture and trigger control.

Many shooters find themselves getting bored shooting at paper targets. But their only other opportunity to shoot is in competitions which are too brief to improve shooting skills.

Would you like an opportunity to practice your basic skills in a highly structured series of exercises, (not generally allowed on any range!) designed to increase your speed, accuracy and dexterity with your handgun?

The AllSafe Handgun SkillBuilder is just what every handgunner needs to challenge their growth and improve their skills. Requiring over 300 rounds of ammo, exercises from IDPA, USPSA, IPSC, and NRA Action Pistol have been selected to improve quicker sight acquisition, better trigger control, especially with follow-on shots, plus moving and use of cover drills.

There is no competition involved in this course. Every shooter will be challenged to their highest ability level without concern for the hits, speed, or accuracy of others. Participants will leave their ego “at the door” and work to improve their specific skills and improve what THEY consider important.

Some of the drills include:

  • The Draw Stroke – getting it right every time.
  • Multiple Target Acquisition – learning how to run a series of targets without hesitation.
  • Reload drills – tactical and speed loads without fumbling.
  • Clearing stoppages – a life-saving exercise!
  • The Bill Drill – six rounds, A-zone, in two seconds!
  • Single-handed shooting – altering sight picture and strengthening the grip to achieve first shot hits.
  • Point shooting – learning not to hand your pistol to your adversary as they rush you!
  • Ending with “the Zipper!”

This training offers a host of practical challenges to improve your confidence to engage any contest, whether friendly competition or a life-threatening confrontation!

Are you ready to work?