NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home (Instructor)

After having learn the basics of gun safety and handling, and having practiced the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship, the next level of training must include the defensive use of a handgun. This course offers that training. Sadly, most people think that merely learning to operate their handgun means they will be successful in prevailing in a life-threatening encounter. They are deluded in their thinking.

Nothing is more terrifying than fighting to save one’s life. The stress is debilitating, robbing an individual of all the skill necessary to accurately aim and fire a handgun. This course teaches stress-fire. Through a series of carefully designed drills, instructors will teach their students how to manipulate the handgun with gross motor skills, how to adapt “flash sight picture” and how to not only follow through but FOLLOW UP!

The NRA requires all Personal Protection instructor-candidates to take the student level prior to enrolling in the instructor course. If you need that course, you can book that class HERE. As an instructor course, the trainer will learn how to apply stress to the students in a safe and productive manner. By carefully building on skills gained, the trainer provides “stress inoculation” over the live-fire period.

And lastly, the strategy offered in this course of developing and fortifying a safe room will minimize the need to ever resort to a lethal force confrontation.

Instructors are needed to promote this course to every person who maintains a firearm for their home safety.