NRA Instructor & Range Safety Officer (RSO) Certifications

AllSafe Defense Systems provides the full range of NRA Instructor Certification Courses. If you are ready to step up and help others learn about safety, firearms, and the responsibilities that go with them, choose your area of interest from the topics below. Each of the basic pistol, rifle, and shotgun disciplines start with the NRA’s Basic Instructor Training, known as the “BIT”. It is included at the beginning of each course.

NRA Pistol Instructor

This course is designed to train experienced shooters the techniques necessary to teach the basics of PISTOL marksmanship. The Instructor course requires candidates to sit through an Instructor Led Training (ILT) NRA Basic Pistol course to witness the “NRA Way” of “total participant involvement.” This is to develop the skills required to be a dynamic and effective instructor. (If you would like to enroll in an expedited basic course, you can book the class HERE.) The instructor course is designed to teach the basics of pistol marksmanship and how to teach the functions of the different kinds of handguns and ammunition. The course emphasizes firearms safety while training instructors to teach the techniques of aiming, breath, hold, and trigger control. This Pistol Instructor Certification is a required prerequisite to NRA Personal Protection Instructor course.

NRA Rifle Instructor

This Rifle Instructor discipline includes the NRA “Trainers Guide” (as all the Instructor disciplines) and then offers experienced shooters the techniques necessary to teach the basics of rifle marksmanship. The NRA requires all instructor-candidates to successfully complete the student-level class before enrolling in the instructor level. If you would like to enroll in an expedited basic course, you can book the class HERE.

Instructor candidates will learn the teaching methods to effectively teach all four positions of standing, kneeling, sitting and prone. This is the course required to offer the Boy Scout Rifle merit badge and the 4-H Rifle shooting course. Certification requires participation in all class exercises and a successful completion of a written test.

NRA Shotgun Instructor

In addition to the NRA “Trainers Guide,” this course is designed to train experienced shotgunners to teach novices the proper skills required to hit a moving target. The NRA Shotgun Course teaches stance, gun ready position, swing to target, trigger pull, and follow through. The course encourages students to enjoy shotgun games and shooting activities. Instructor candidates must complete the basic level of this course before enrolling in the instructor level training. Contact Ed Wolff via E-mail HERE.

NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor

This course is the best course to start the NRA Instructor program. It is the easiest and broadest, covering all types of firearms. It’s not a shooting discipline but is designed to train experienced shooters to teach people how to safely and responsibly handle firearms. Instructors learn how to teach the clearing of all different kinds of firearms, including pistols, rifles and shotguns. With an emphasis on the NRA Eddie Eagle program, instructor candidates will learn how to offer safety methods of storing and caring for firearms and ammunition in the home.

NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor

Prerequisite: You must be currently certified as an NRA Pistol Instructor and have completed the student level of this course before enrolling. If you would like to enroll in an expedited basic course, you can book the class HERE.

This course is designed to train experienced shooters the techniques necessary to teach the tactical skills and mental attitude essential for the prevailing in a live threatening encounter. The instructor candidates will shoot the course of fire to understand the process of administering a stress-fire handgun course. Without involving politics, the course also discusses the right of law-abiding citizens to use lethal force for self defense.

NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor

Prerequisite: You must be prior certified as an NRA Personal Protection in the Home Instructor and complete both days of the student course before attending. If you would like to attend the two day basic course, you can book it HERE

This is the premiere Concealed Carry Weapon course in the United States. It teaches the effective use of a concealed handgun and includes concealment techniques and devices, presenting the handgun from concealment, utilizing cover, movement, point shooting, engaging multiple targets, one-hand shooting, and low-light shooting. Also included are strategies for preventing violent encounters and the legal ramifications of using lethal force in self defense outside the home. NRA textbook and certificate are included.

NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) Certification

This course offers experienced shooters the certification to necessary to supervise range operation, and is essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities. The class textbook and the sample SOP will give you a solid reference for managing a shooting facility, including running a firing line, establishing range safety guidelines and operational procedures, and creating an effective Emergency Plan for any shooting event, activity, or competition.

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO) Certification

Prerequisite: You must be prior certified as an NRA Range Safety Officer and will need to have completed the Basic Instructor Training (Trainer’s Guide) portion of the NRA Instructor training program.

The NRA CRSO Course is designed to train RSO’s and develop the Standard Operating Procedures for a working range. This is one of the most advanced certifications offered by the NRA. The CRSO should be able to look at a plot of land and determine the best use of that property for shooting. This entails understanding land development to assure 100% projectile retention, sound abatement, and good neighbor policies. The participants will be required to write an SOP during the two sessions of the class.

NRA Reloading, Metallic Cartridge – Instructor

Two separate courses, they offer instructor training necessary to teach the fundamentals and procedures of safe and rewarding reloading experience, including brass preparation and hull selection, proper primer and powder handling, and bullet or shot selection, seating, and crimping. Instructor candidates must be already certified in another discipline or complete the Basic Instructor Training (BIT) before attending this course.