AllSafe Basic Handgun Course is truly a unique shooting class. This class is specifically designed for the beginning shooter, to allow the opportunity to experiment with handguns under the supervision of knowledgeable instructors. This class will familiarize shooters with the capabilities of and liabilities for using a handgun for defense.

This is an entertaining class, featuring constant hands-on training where participants will fire almost 200 rounds of ammunition in a variety of imaginative and challenging scenarios. By the end of this class, participants will have learned the basics of how to shoot fast and accurately, how to reload under pressure, and the legal ramifications of using lethal force for self defense.

Another unique aspect of this class is the ALL HANDGUNS ARE PROVIDED! (Ammo is available at cost.) This is ideal for those who are shopping for a handgun and wish to identify suitable calibers, barrel lengths and action types. Participants can try both revolvers and semiautomatics, in a wide variety of calibers, from .22 to the massive .44 Magnum.

For those who have their own handgun, this class provides an outstanding opportunity to become more familiar with their own firearm by testing and improving their skill while shooting a challenging course of fire. We find that many intermediate and advanced level shooters come back again and again to the live-fire portion of the AllSafe Basic Handgun Course to work on their basics of quick sight acquisition and trigger control. They also enjoy sharing their experience and their love of shooting with newer shooters.

The AllSafe Basic Handgun Course is composed of two sessions (all in the same day):

  1. Orientation. The Orientation class discusses everything from suitable defensive ammunition to controlling an intruder in your home. We examine and dry-fire all the various kinds of handguns. Participants practice different techniques of stance, grip, and then they learn techniques for quick sight acquisition. The Orientation session concludes with a lengthy discussion of the laws governing firearms, and how they effect your ability to use a firearm for self defense.
  2. Live-Fire. For the second session, the class travels to a shooting range where, using live ammunition, participants review all of the techniques they’ve learned, and then test their ability to use them practically, under an entertaining stress-fire situation. Watch a You Tube video of one of the fun stages called “Dexterity”:

People enjoy shooting this course because it’s action-oriented and instantly gratifying. Targets are reactive and events are timed. The plates go flying with a loud clang and the shooters hurry and reload or move on to the next target. The scenarios are imaginative and require shooters to practice all they’ve learned while being timed and scored! With the fun spirit of light-hearted competition, everyone has a good time. And everyone agrees that they come away with a much greater appreciation for firearms.

Even more significantly, participants come away from the AllSafe Basic Handgun Course acknowledging their responsibility to use handguns properly for their self defense.