Chief CU2Chief Petty Officer, United States Navy (retired) John Poynter was the consummate expert in every aspect of shooting, from putting every round through the same hole down range, or fixing and repairing guns, to reloading ammunition. As a father he suffered the most tragic loss when his 40 year old son suddenly died. But his son Mike had given Chief two very promising grandsons. And his grandson Michael had the same shooting skill that his grandfather possess. He attend several of my classes and on (rare) occasions even beat me. Chief was extremely proud of both boys, knowing his legacy would live on.

Greg and Craig Caringella, along with Christie Weber are the management team at FT3. They knew and loved Chief, who came in to repair their rental guns from time to time. The FT3 Range wants to honor the memory of Chief be hosting a permanent plaque in their facility. This is a range with heart, who are not only in the business of running a range but who really care about the sport and activity of shooting, but more importantly they care about people who come and enjoy their facility.

I offer special my special thanks to the FT3 Range and their staff for the passion and commitment to running a top notch facility.