NRA Basic Pistol

AllSafe Special Events

AllSafe hosts several special events on a regular basis. The AllSafe Handgun SkillBuilder is a highly intensive practice to increase the shooters ability with their firearm. The most popular regular event is the AllSafe Handgun Challenge. Occasionally you will see the Pistol/Shotgun Combo course. The AllSafe Night Pistol Shoot is quick to sell out, so watch the schedule carefully.

Event Fees: $40 (SkillBuilder $60)

AllSafe Handgun Challenge

The Challenge is a fun shooting “competition” where no one wins any prizes but everybody benefits from shooting practical self defense drills in a fun format. Yes, times and scores are kept, but mostly to create pressure on the participants to do their best. Although the courses of fire are challenging as the name implies, newer shooters will not be intimidated. Everyone enjoys the atmosphere of fun, and friendship, while practicing together. Shooters may use revolvers or semi-autos.

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Low-Light/Night Pistol Shoot

Most gun fights happen in low-light situations where finding a perfect sight picture isn’t practical. By using a combination of point shooting and flashlight techniques, participants will learn confidence in their ability to hit a specific target quickly and efficiently, even in the dark!

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NRA Refuse To Be A Victim

Designed by the NRA’s Women’s Issues Division, the Refuse seminar offers both men and women of all ages (13+) specific methods of avoiding and controlling potentially violent confrontations. This is not a firearms or fighting class. This is an awareness class that relates techniques and technologies that are available to help prevent a dangerous situation from occurring and to help create a sense of confidence and control over one’s environment.

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